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Research work

Sometimes I use for complex assambly something like you. ... let say curves on different colors to define motions, limits, etc. I was ... and I am happy with Pro/E, I don't think is neccesary to much for pro/E (one computer around 1000$ will be pretty good).

Some users request ram not for use that ram but more for escuse ...

About the tablet, personal I don't use, but it is compatible with Pro/E and Medusa.

.... [email protected]
Module like that for drawing with different colors, different pencil shapes, air brush etc, in Studio Tools will be greatly appreciated in ProE
OK, maybe try Pro/Design with render and all the ART tools, but I guess is too expensive. I really don't mean that, because I don't know yor work or company. :)))

Pro/Design is something close to Rhino and work import/export very well with Rhino.
When I talk about part of Pro Engineer, which demand loot from computer I mean on CDRS from PTC. Ok

I know for them, but for modeling Style is quite enough. I want something for concept work. I love to work in Pro Engineer, but sometimes he is like a heavy for research work


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