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representing ropes ......


New member
hello every1 ... ve already posted the reply once ... but think its abstruce as no one's replied ... so ill reframe it .....

i have a rope (steel rope or cable ) in my analysis .... this is used to stabilize a pole 17 meters in height .... the cable is fixed to the ground and the other end to the top of the mast ...... due to wind speed(pressure ) the pole deflects at the top ... the cables that are connectd ( 4 in all) reduce the deflection by taking the tensile load ..... they dont take any compressive load as they are flexible ....

so can you plz help me

how will i represent this in my analysis ???

springs???? beams ???? material orientation ????

wot do i do ??

thnx in advance


New member
It should be obvious by the direction of the wind load which cables are in tension and which ones are doing nothing. So perhaps you should just suppress those cables that would not be in tension and analyse it that way.

The down side is you would probably have to suppress different cables and remesh to model different load cases, but I would assume this is a symetrical pole, and one load case could be performed and the results would be valid in all directions.

Good Luck.


New member
hi airion .....

thnx for the reply ... but i have tried exactly wot you have pointed out .....

but from the results .... i find that the beam doesnt behave like a rope .......

so i wanted to know if it is possible to model a flexible elemen in mechanica ...

that is possible in ANSYS where you can select your element type ...