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Replacing angular dim. value with letter


New member
How do I change an angular dimension value from a numeric (model based) value, to a letter so that I can then refer to a table?


OK.. figured it out with a little help from a buddy here at work.

But if anyone else stumbles upon this, here is what to do.

First select the dimension value you want to replace.

Then start annotation editor. The selected value will not be shown in the annotation editor text window.

Select the dimension value again and it pops up. Change the value, you'll get a warning but click it away and then hit OK.

Job done... and everyones a winner!


Hi Conkers.

first let me know which version ur using,,,

and here i have answere for you if ur working in UgNx2--

go edit menu, and selcet the opition Text, and select the dimension value.

u will get error messga saying that this dimension will convert to manula text say ok.. and type which ever text u need to type,,

still if ur not clear reply


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