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replacecomponent using


New member
Dear all,

My name is patrick and I'm french.
Sorry for my english, I'm poor in vacabulary.
So, I explain me.
I develop a tool under visual basic for CATIA V5R14.

One of theses function is to replace all component in product file.
But, this file already exist in his old file name and these "objects", the part and product too.
I create a class collection which contain all correspondance of names.
My file is open by a button sub function in main form:


'CATProduct  ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------- 
 'Dim repproduct As String
 'obtient le premier fichier ou r

I think I have made a similar programm,

If you are interested , we can speak together (in french) about you request

you can contact me by phone tel (33) 4 50 65 62 96 or [email protected]

I will enjoy to have some exchange about this subject !


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