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Rendering output resolution in wildfire??

Nose Bleed

New member
I had the same problem - on my home computer, which is a piece of junk! However, when I transferred the model to my computer at work, which is by far more superior in memory, and processing power... I had no problem rendering an animation (yes, a rendered animation) at 1024X768 (pixels)... I didn't try any higher resolution... (Maybe I should?!) - It had to be placed into a Power Point presentation, so I had to keep it small in KB size, but visually astute in resolution.

check your video card, or memory... maybe even your processor - try upgrading...

Hope that helps!!!

speling is right - 300 dpi is normally plenty high enough res.

i have noticed that wildfire is definatley a lot more memory hungry than previously releases

ive had numerous problems with ISDX and photolux on a mid spec machine, which though was down to the software

switching to a higher spec machine has sudenly made the models a whole lot easier to get on with and wildfire seems a lot more robust/happy

just trying to find all the workarounds to get photolux to do what i want, which is frustrating!
Is there a way to alter the resolution when you don't have Photo renderer? And (slightly offtopic) is there a way to set the quality/resolution for the standard Print screen function of your keyboard ?