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Rendering anomoly


New member
The attached rendering has a decal on the front surface to show text on the display area. Unfortunately, when rendered the decal seems to be sown on the walls of the room. Does anyone know why I have this problem? Please help, this is really getting on my t*ts!!


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I would imagine you might have set your room to have walls that are the same color as the display (black). Once you apply a decal to a color it will show up on every part (or room) that uses that color (in session). You should create a separate decal color and use it only for the display part.
Do two renderings. One with the decal showing and one without. Then using multiple layers in Photoshop playing with opacity fix it in 2d ;)

I will look at it but it may be dificult to recreate. I sure with we had access to parametric textures like that in Pro/CONCEPT!

Bart Brejcha