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I've got a nice pro/e assembley of our car which our team has spent endless days perfecting. And now I want to render and animate the thing! I'd love to use a program to have the car drive itself around, shoot off into the distance, and just sit there and rotate as if you were CTRL-middle-clicking in pro/e.

I'd also like this to be part of a presentation that we could have on a plasma screen at shows and things; this could be Flash for example.

I've seen various programs discussed in this forum, but I'd like to use a program with the shortest learning curve, if possible. As a complete NOVICE to rendering and animation....where should I start?
You can do exactly what you want to do with Pro/E alone. You really don't need to spend the extra cash on other software.

You can even show your animation in its rendered state.
Is the Design Animation package included with Foundation? (I can't remember)...

I still think that IPA is nicer and easier to use than Design-Animation (For some reason, I get blown out of D-A a lot). Hopefully, PTC will get some better functionality in there (They should have just bought IPA!). I haven't used D-A within WF however, so maybe that looks better.

-Brian Adkins
Okay, so how do you render an animation? I can do both, the animation and the rendering, but haven't figured out how to tie it together. Any words of wisdom here?
If you want to make "ordinary" presentation, than
make it in ProE, play it, grab it with camtasia, (or save it like avi, or mpg
in process of making) than you must use programs for montage (camtasia studio
have one included)

That is all in short

I downloaded IPA 8 Evaluation copy for but I am unable to open Pro part and assembly files in it. during the installation I chekced ProE as the CAD program and pointed to the directory it is in as the installation asked for. But for some reason my ProE files won't open in IPA???

Any idea how to solve this problem?
I actually do all of my animation in proe... which does come with foundation advantage, by the way.

I make an mpeg file during animation playback... there is a capture button on the playbackdialog which opens yet another dialog for the capture.

There is a checkbox on this dialog that makes proe render the animation on the photorender background, which is set up (I think) in the same way as a still photorender.

My problem is that although I can photorender nice stills, and can capture my nice animations, I can't seem to do both at the same time. I know that the "photorender frames" checkbox is doing something since it takes about 4 times as long to make an mpeg file... but it still dhows up with a black background.

So.. to kkep with this thread, the functionality is supposed to be there according to documentation, but I have not successfully combined it all.

Any hints or input from the true gurus out there?