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renaming prt


New member
can we simply rename the prt or asm without knowing where those items are in used in difference folder? this is such a headache problem when i try to open either one of the asm which content this renamed item.

i'm not having ilink to manage it. anybody can help mi on this? thanks.


New member
Rename the part in the Intralink commonspace and the issue should not appear. Intralink will understand that the object has been renamed and will update all the dependents.


New member
Actually it doesn't matter where your files are, but in order to rename a part, The part itself and the assembly file where you used the part should be opened and then you are able to rename it. In that case all the changes will be applied to the part and assemblies.


New member
i donno if this rule apply here.. but we need all dependent items in the session in order to rename parts and assemblies. e.g. it'll be a trouble to rename a part or assembly without the associated drawing in session.. opening the drawing will search for the file with it's old name. what i do in the case i need to rename a lot of parts, i'd keep the main assembly in session and i'm free to rename parts making sure that i save the main assembly file later.. as for drawings, no choice.. open the drawings frist before renaming parts.. very time and space consuming..


New member
For copying files I prefer to copy the files over to a new directory using Windows Explorer and then rename them.

The drill I use is:

1) Bring the following files to be renamed into session:

* Drawing(s)

* Assembly(s) - if applicable

* Part(s)

2) Rename in reverse order:

* Part(s)

* Assembly(s)

* Drawing(s)


New member
diddo to Dougr,

but an important aspect and insight has been left out....

If you make a boo boo and type in the wrong number while renaming the assembly and drawings will give you a message when you pull them up of the nature cannot find xxxx.prt.

(keep suspending until you ID all of the parts that are problematic)

If you run into this you know that you have made a mistake, write down that file name(it is actually the old name ID) quit out of the assembly and drawing and rename the failed part back to the old xxxx.prt name. Then repeat dougr's drill for that particular part.

Naturally, life is good again when you can pull up all the drawings and assemblies without a snag.

Just had some fun with this today while training a new user...


New member
Just remember drawings, assemblies, parts and back.

This works well for the most complicated setups (casting models & drawings plus machining models and drawings etc).

Just be patient and meticulous..

What does diddo mean ???


New member
Diddo-in this case it means affirmantion to what dougr stated as the fundamental database management sequence. In the technical english sence it means information repeated and in agreement with often more commonly noted in the symbol ()

shorthand so that you don't have to write the same information over and over again.


Needless to say, this process is a pain the the rump. No matter how meticulus even the best and the brightest screw it up from time to time. I have fixed a multitude of such problems.

If you follow dougs sequence you will not have a problem however.


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