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Renaming parts - how without intralink?


New member
We are not using Intralink yet. I know, its sad. We are saving parts and assemblies to a directory on the network.

If we need to rename a part, is there a way to do this WITHOUT having the assemblies it is used in open?

The reason for this is I don't know what all assemlies the part is used in.

A import method for you to try

Import the first folder to WorkSpace, rename the objects there (keep a list of what you renamed), then check them in and remove the WorkSpace

Next import another folder to WorkSpace and repeat the rename process. For any PIVs that were previously imported and renamed: Select those items only and use Update (replaces the existing WorkSpace object with the CommonSpace object). Then check in the WorkSpace.

Renaming a item in WorkSpace will update that item's reference in any associated assembly or drawing that is also in the WorkSapce, without having the objects in Pro/E session.

Hope this helps, it is the method we used (might not be the best or correct method but it worked).
Solidworks has all the same issues and they got around this by introducing Solidworks Explorer which is a free download.

PTC have never been gracious enough to do the same for it's users prefering instead to use this as leverage to stick users to buy more software.

Another tactic that causes them to lose market share..