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Renaming .drw and associated .prt file


New member
I'm trying to change the nam eof the .prt file associated to a particular drawing, but the drawing fails to open, because it doesn't recognize the new name. How can I change the name so that the drawing recognizes it?
I guess you are renaming these with out Intralink or PDM.

With out such programs, you MUST rename in ProE session.

And you need to have all related files open when you rename.

Meaning, if you are using that part in assembly, you need to have it opened along with the drawing order for ProE to recognize new name.

p.s. I strongly suggest to use some kind of ProE file manager.
To go along with what charleskim said about having all associated files in session, you also need to Save your drawing too.

This may go without saying, but I've seen it too many times where someone will rename and save the part, but forget to save the drawing.
This is the drill I always use, open your files and dependent files for renaming in this order:


Assembly(s) (if any)


Rename and save in the reverse order, i.e:




It can get very complicated - especially when separate casting and machining models are used, but this drill helps...
Hi guys!

Config option rename_drawings_with_object and its value both will solve your problems.

Just open the part or assembly that have associated drawing (unfortunately the name of drawing must be the same as object) and then save copy of that object.

Voila, it is there. New part and new drawing.

Hope this helps.

[email protected]
What if you have this situation:

casting model and drawing (no instances) - casting model is merged into machining model.

machining model and drawing (no instances)

machined assembly and drawing (no instances)

How would you rename ALL of these ??

Then consider several instances in each of these models.

Back in ProPDM days this couldn't be handled, could only be done reliably through Pro/E.
Is there an alternate text similar to rename_drawings_with_objects to enter into config to rename parts in assemblies also? Without actually opening all of the assemblies as well. Right now we have to do a where used in Pro, and then open all related assemblies, then rename in session.
If I am not mistaken, you can do a copy in Intralink. The method for this is: hilight the files you want copied, pick file then copy, in the next window change the name in the right hand column to what you want, click ok and you're done. I think that this will also maintain any relationships between the parts, assemblies and drawings; I don't know for sure because I have used this method for copying parts only.
Actually, the way to do it in Intralink is to select the part and drawing, or assembly and drawing, highlight them, and select duplicate objects. This will bring up a window, highlight the prt and drw and then in the box below, in the from section type the name of the part with a .* extension(example: 123456.*). Then in the to box, change it to whatever you want with a .* extension (example: xxxxxx.*). This will copy the part and drawing, and the part will be associated to the drawing.

If you have parts & drawing without assembly, then open drawing an from file try rename (first) part, then drawing.

If you have parts & drawing &assembly, then open asm file and all the drawings for each part witch you want to rename.

You must make the rutine:

File -> Rename

in drawings files and assambly file too, after that save assambly and each drawing file.

[email protected]


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