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Renamed part duplicate


New member
Been having some fun and games with renaming some parts. The message I get is Rename part on disc and in session. But then some assemblies and drawings the parts are in have updated, others have not. Now in the directory there is one of each of the parts (new and old) and the assemblies and drawings, etc. have a mixture of each depending what was open in the session or not.

What is the point of this?
Rename on disk and in session will only rename the file. If you are not using a PDM or Pro/INTRALINK then you must take care to ensure that you have all related items in session at the time of rename. You must then be careful to save these related items after rename. If you rename in session only, then the next time you save, Pro/ENGINEER will see this item as new. If you are using Intralink then you will need to set the config option:

let_proe_rename_pdm_objects to yes. This will let you duplicate objects within Pro/E.

I hope this helps.
Why does Pro/E duplicate parts if you are not in the working directory of the part that is to be renamed? E.g. I have a part in an assembly and a drawing. All three are in session, but I am in the working directory of the drawings. If I open the part through the drawing model tree, then rename it from A to B, it updates in the drawing and the assembly. However, there is now a redundant old part A in the working directory of the model. ?