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Removing the unwanted curves???


New member

How can I remove the unwanted curves, drawing only. For example I've made a couple of gear wheels,I've put the together but I want to remove the curves that defines the involute for the tooth.

Also I want to remove the dantum polanes and undesireble points.

How can I do it in Pro E 2000i, or I can't??


New member
How sould I do, to [put them in a separate layer,if wou don't mind(I've learned by my self and I haven't learn this)
In your model.

Goto View > Layers (this should open Layers dialog box).
Then goto Layer > New (this should open New Layer dialog box).
Create a new layer let's say "Blank".
With "Blank" highlighted, select Item > Add (this will open Layer Obj dialog box).
From there select Datums, Curves and other items you want to blank on the drawing.

Save the part. Switch back to drawing.

Againg goto View > Layers. From dialog box select "Blank" layer.
Then, Status > Blank. Click Save Status button on bottom and close.

This should blank all items on "Blank" layer.

Good luck,



New member
Thanks, I've done it.Tell me(if you know) is there a way to use a file from a program (geartrax-for solid works) in Pro E?? Because i've haven't find geartrax for proe(the program i've heard it makes gears on it's one and then send the information to solid works(the gear is created instantly)

I'm doing school project(the gear shifter of an offroad car 4x4)

Thanks a lot for help