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Remembering 9/11


New member
Let's all take some time and remember those who lost their lives two years ago and for those who fight for our freedom now. Our countrymen and women need to be remembered and all the servicemen and women who fight for our way of life who have lost their lives need to be remembered, too. We all live in a very different time now, due to the acts of some very misguided, cowardly people.

I will never forget.

Steve C
that article is scary... so much hate.... this should be a time for remembrance for those who died needlessly. I don't think that hate will help at all.
Its another perspective, an opinion unfortunately understandable given the gruesome calculations.

Maybe its worth noting that whatever revenge we had was measured and undertaken with the fullest consideration for for the lives of civilians (unlike 9/11).

Still, its also scary to think that many people are now afraid to fly, travel overseas, or work in a tall building.