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Relations and Parameters


New member
I am doing a file with relations and used parameters dimensions which at onw time were labeld as D0 on the dimension. As i added features to the part and relations that D0 now became d25 and the relations did not work because it had changed. What am I doing wrong???

I did this in part mode and not feature mode is that the problem.



New member
Dimensions will always maintain the same label reguardless of the addition of other features. Did you replace or redimension that particular feature? If so, you may have deleted the original dimension and added a new one in its place. In which case you need to update your relation with the new dim label.


If you redefine a section be sure to use the replace functionality for both sketched entities and dimensions. If you replace a dimension used in a relation or family table Pro/E will automatically update the references. If you delete the dimension and make a new one the relations break and the dimension is removed from the family table.


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