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reflector design problem


New member
Is there a way to make a pattern that will follow a surface that curves in two directions?

I am working on a reflector and I need to model the serrations in the lense but they have to follow the surface.

* the surface will be changed a million times so the pattern must update easily.




New member
I'm assuming that the pattern needs to be normal to the surface and is not just cosmetic. Not knowing any more details, I would hesitate to guess. helpful information would be:

type of surface (i.e. parabaloid?)

version of pro/e

how familiar are you with surfacing?


New member
It would have to be normal to the surface.


Very familiar with surfacing.

The type of surface varies so I am only asking for a general idea. I have 6 different shapes all built in isdx and none of them are very simple to describe other than they are curved in more than one direction.

I suspect I will just spec something on the drawing for now and have the tools etched.

I will have time today to experiment a little so Ill post anything that looks promising.



New member

Can you send me a larger screen shot image via email, it's hard to tell whats going on with the small one.

Typically this type of pattern is done with a group, the first feature of the group is a datum point (probably 'On Surface') which will have the dimensions you will use for the pattern. The next thing to create is an axis, (Point on Surface) this will give you the surface normal. Next create your geometry for your feature rembering not to reference any other features than the point,axis, and placement surface.

When you have your geometry created just group the features from the point to the last feature in your geometry. Your should then be able to pattern the group with the original point dimensions and everything should stay normal to the surface along the pattern.