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Reference Cutouts


Does anybody know why a cutout cannot be 'family tabled' so to speak? If a part is cut away by another part in an assembly, and both these parts are family table members, and the cutout is added to the family table with the model names, it doesn't pick up the new reference. But if you go and redefine the cut out you can manually change the model, as long as a family table exists. I don't know if it's a glitch, does anyone else?


New member
I'm not sure I understand you correctly. But if I do, you have a unique problem. Sometimes when I place rivets in my assemblies, I create an assembly cut using them as a reference. I can then replace them using advanced utilities. Everything regenerates fine. Then I can add them to a family table. This should work for you to.


New member
Cutouts can be family tabled.

Strongly suggest you have a unique, separate assembly strictly for performing the cutout operations.

This assy will consist of the target part and the reference (cutout can only be done by-reference) part instances.

Then perform cutout for each instance.

When you go to your target part you will see a cutout feature for each reference part instance. These features can then be family tabled.

It's not clear but it sounds to me like you're trying to do too much with one assembly.

At one place I worked these types of assembly (strictly for merge and cutout ops) were termed transfer files as they were used to transfer casting models into machining models.