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redefining extcopygeo without the pain


New member
Mounting bolt patterns in mounting flanges and the mating part. These are ref at assembly level and not defined at part level.


I bring the part into session to make the drawing, if I want shown dimensions i need to redefine the location.

Linear scheme wanted. I redifine the linear 2 planes, do a preview and get a fail. The thing I want are the two dimensions that are generated when redefining linear references.

I must select a primary reference in order for the hole to regenerate properly. Ok , so I reselect primary surface and BAM! the linear dimensions are incorrect and are based on my pick point on the primary.

Close window erase from session. Start over... this time I write the two dimension numbers down from my linear refence redefine, reslect my primary, adjust linear dims from written down values.

move on to the next one.

anyone have a better method...

two thoughts: Live with created dims or go patterns and pattern table functionality?


New member
Instead of creating an extcopygeom from one component to another, how about creating a skeleton model with the mounting bolt pattern, and creating a copy geom (or ext copy geom) from the skeleton to the mounting flanges and mating part?

Yes, it's more work initially, but skeletons offer a number of advantages, especially if you constrain all the components to the skeleton as well as consolidate the shared geometry there.

BTW, big fan of pattern tables as well. But the problem with the Read / Write functionality is that if the original ever changes, you have to manually write the pattern table to disk and read it into the other part. There's no link / dependence to update, like you have with data sharing features.

Dave Martin


I might be tempted to go with created dimensions on this one rather than redefining everything just to get the dims on the drawing. One thing we do is change the color of created dims (& faked GD&T symbols if you stoop so low) so that the next person working on the drawing can immediately tell the difference.