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Rectangular coil


New member
Can anyone suggest a technique for generating a rectangular coil?

That is, a coil of circular cross section wire wrapped around a rectangular former.

I think it needs to be a variable section sweep using trajpar, but I have not been able to make a working relation.

Any ideas thankfully accepted.


Do you really need to model all the wire turns in your coil? I only model the lead-in and lead-out wires, the rest is just a solid lump showing the space the windings take up. Just like screw threads, somethings have too much overhead with too little benifit to model the geometry exactly.


New member
Thanks, guys. that was quick!

In this case I do need to model the actual coil. I really appreciate the article URL. That is of course the way to go!

Looks like I have been guilty of linear thinking (again)

thanks once again

Adrian S


BEWARE of these methods. It does not necessarily produce the correct geometry. The intersection of the surfaces leads to wobbling. This is especially noticable if you make a flat spring in a rectangular way. Do a surface analysis and you'll see problems. The sheetmetal approach requires a lot more work and knowledge. There a straight forward and simple approach.


NO slope problems...

View attachment 520

Any shape...

View attachment 521

Much easier than sheetmetal to use.

Good luck.
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