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Random end point on boundary curve chain


New member
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When choosing the chain for a boundary there is a random end point on the spline? There is no reason for this i.e. no join in the spline, plane, etc. I have tried redrawing the spline a couple of times and the end point changes.

Why does this happen?


New member
Not sure.

One suggestion is to change the control points. Sometimes you can make 2 control points from direction #1 join a single point in direction #2, thus eliminating a point from direction #2. This may help you out.

Also, changing the boundary conditions, to perhaps tangent, will remove a mystery endpoint.

It could also be just one of those cosmetic things that Pro/E puts in. When you shade the model or do an analysis on the surface, it really is not there.


New member
That's the point - I cannot create the surface in the first place as I cannot trim the chain to the correct position!

Very frustrating as it's not exactly a complex shape or surface.


New member
There should be 2 end points. Splines are never closed. If it is not working for you as it is now, break it down into segments?


New member
Yep - tried that. Split it into 4 segments. The first 3 boundary surfaces worked ok then the last one had the two point I had placed on the curve where I split it, and again a random end point. This was stopping me from selecting a chain that I could trim.