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I recently started a new position where I will be introducing a new 3D CAD system. I am looking at Pro Engineer, Solidworks and Inventor. My main driving factor is ease of use while maintaining the functionality of a top down sheet metal design package. My problem lies in that the company is insisting on keep its current software on the shop floor for programming its Trumpf Punch this leaves me with major data transfer problems. Does anyone have experience of transferring data from Pro Engineer, Solidworks or Inventor to Radan? In particular putting tooling symbols on parts created in the 3D package so they can be used by Radan?

Many thanks

Hello, I have an idea, and need a 3d model made of it. What software would you recommend for developing it? and is it real expensive? thanks
RADAN is sheet metal software, Wonder what you exactly do, if you for ease of use and low learning curve SOLIDWORKS and the its look a like with a bit of catch Inventor!
Pro Engineer has fairly steep learning curve!
Solidworks and Solid edge(popular in UK) do cater well for sheet metal activity,
Inventor can hadle it as well, howerver if you are into more complicate items with large assemblies better head for Solid Edge and SoilidWORKS, if short of cash, Inventor is the choice!
SOLIDWORKD has CAM, and Analysis packages as well nesting etc , with extensive tutorial and support! Solid Edge is far more powerful and accurate and a very extensive drafting capability but is not as easy to use SOLIDWORKS! These days all these software can handly most of the cad file formats, transferring your previous data is not a problem , there may be a default plane difference, but that should not be a major problem.!


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