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Quilt thicken Help (in Wildfire)


New member
Can anyone give me some advice on how to create the feature #32 surface so it will merge and I can create a thicken the quilt. I have tried boundary surfaces and variable section sweeps with no success. The jpg shows the surface that was left out when I thicken the quilt.

The attachement is the part file.


View attachment 103


What happened to the attach file option?
Hahaha, you can't attach a file until you upload the original message. Attach the file to a reply message to your original.

I am not on wildfire and do not quite see your question. I would assume you are attempting to fill the void? If so, looks like a General Blend will work. Just wondering why it is segmented like shown?
Well, I tried putting in a patch into the gap using surfaces. I was able to make it solid, but I got some geom checks as a result.

Not sure if this is acceptable for you.

I have not downloaded your model, but it appears to me that you may have to create some composite datum curves along those edges and use those curves as trajectories when you do your variable section sweep. Then you shoul be able to merge your surfaces.


[email protected]
Thank you everyone for your help.

I also got the thicken feature to work by creating a variable section sweep (then merge it with the main quilt) , but I also had to decrease the accuracy to .0008 relative.

The previous accuracy was .0003 absolute.

Why does this work?



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