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New member
Hello all,

I drawedthis is catia:

And i want to get this angle on my cross:

How do i get this...


Best regards,

Hi Alen
If you are asking for top shape, here is the solution.
Make the two curves like picture

make a sweep surfave form curves

and use replace surface command like this

if you are asking about how you make angles etc like your second pic, make the corss shape in surface (just make top and bottom surfaces), make an assembly then put cross in assy. Make angles in single part or in individual ones and split the ends using cross surfaces.
May this help you.
Thanks for your replay,
that's exactly what im looking for!

But can you please show a steps about making "sweep surfave form curves".
I'm very new to catia...please

Best Regards,
Hi Alen
As I assume you must some basics of Catia. So please make first sketch, then go for second. When you start making sketch, plz go to interset 3D elements at operations tool bar.

a point (cross shaped) appears at intersection of previous sketch and recent sketch plane. you must select it and press construction/standard element toggle switch.
now this point will convert to a thick point from cross. Now you make an arc that must touch this point. As this your both sketches must cross each other at one sketch plane.

now go to sweep command (in Genarative shape design workbench) and choose explicit in profile type (first one) then chose second sketch as profile and first sketch as guide and just click ok.

I think you may do this like an expert


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