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query select assemblies


New member
I need to know what config option controlls the ability to query select assemblies within assemblies. Example: I am in a main assembly that consists of dozens of sub-assemblies. When I right click the screen to query select and then left click in the main assembly model somewhere to toggle thru the assemblies it only allows me to scroll thru parts and not the sub-assemblies that they are in. I appreciate any suggestions.


New member
when you RMB select the "pick from list" option and start picking until your sub assy is high lighted. or implement a naming convention that easily allows you to pick from the model tree. lastly do some leg owrk and set upa fewsimplified reps that have un neccessary componets and/or sub assemblies removed.


New member
You could try to go another way.Highlight a part in the sub-assembly you require, right click select parent. This will highlight the part assy of that part.