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Quadro4 750 xgl


New member

Is any one running this card with the pro/e 2001?

I am not seeing any WOW factor with this new card.

My system is PIII 2ghz, good MB
i just installed the xgl 700, and i'm not terribly wow'ed either. but i was hoping that i just don't have it optimized right.

my pull-down and pop-up menus seems to lag for a while before they fully show up. are you having this problem? it makes my mapkeys especially slow.
we have all kinds of quadro in here. no problem at all. did you go into advance and set it to use proe setting?
>>Try adding graph win32_gdi to the file

That defeats the purpose of purchasing an OpenGL graphics card. This option disables all OpenGL functionality (basically pretends you have a $10 video card).

-Brian Adkins
There should be no WOW factor, just the blissful smiles on your Cad users faces.

Seriously though, what card are you comparing it too, Remember that the Card is now about 12 months old, if you want WOW factor you may need to get the Quadro FX3000.

Also, not wanting to sound rude your hardware is a little dated.

Gee, I'd love to have a graphics card that is only 1 year old. My company is penny wise and pound foolish. They only way a computer gets replaced is if it dies. Could be 10 years old, they won't replace it.


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