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qty syntex


New member
Does anyone know the qty syntex to enter into a table so it displays the qty in an assembly


I am assuming that you are using a repeat region for your table. If so, you will want to enter the following in the qty column of the table:


Hope this helps.
Hello proe user

To create a summation for the number of components in an assembly do this :

1. Click summation and click the repeat region

2. Click Add and select the QTY seed sell in the region

3. Type [assy_qty] as the parameter name

4. Select an empty sell to place the summation value

5. Click Repeat Region > Update Tables


Karavasilis V. Christos
that didn't work either. I have made a table using repeat regions. I have tried both suggestions.....
In the repeat region, enter:


So menu picks are:

Table > Enter Text > Report Sym > [pick the table cell] > rpt > qty

Update the table with Repeat Region > Update Tables
Thanks to all, setting repeat region attribute to 'No Duplicate' did the trick. :)

again thanks to all


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