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Purge command in Wildfire


New member
We have recently upograded to Wildfire from 2001 and I am having difficulty getting purge.bat to work with Wildfire. The method used in 2001 does not seem to transition to wildfire. Can anyone offer some advice on getting this to work?
Purging can be added to Windows Explorer, avoiding the

use of third party purging programs. I nWindows Explorer, Click Tools>Folder Options>File Types. Highlight the File Folder item. Click Advanced then New. Enter the word Purge in the action window and the following text in the

I added Purge to Windows Explorer in XP as you describe above and the function of Windows Explorer changed. When I double clicked to open a folder it would open a new search window. After several hours of dinking around in registry I finally found a solution. Do exactly as you describe above only Highlight the Folder item instead of File Folder. Everything is working fine now, including Purge.

Thanks, Ed
Thanks Eddie,

I did the same as you did and I get new search. But how to get rid of it. I did the second way, I mean instead of File Folder I used Folder only but still the problem exists.

Please help.

I just open a dos window, go to the dir I want to purge, and type purge. I don't know about the other methods but this just purges the directory I'm in. I find that pretty handy.

I am reluctant to advise this but you must delete the first purge command from the Registry. Backup your registry first. Navigate to [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell] Modify the default string. Enter none without the quotes in the data value. Expand the shell folder and you will see the folders for the Find and purge commands. Delete the purge folder.

You can navigate to [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell] expand the shell folder and you should see explore open and purge folders.

Good Luck!
First create the right mouse nutton link by doing the following:

Within Windows Explorer application, select Tools, Folder Options..., then select the File Types tab. Scroll down to select the File Folder item and then select the Advanced button. Create a new action by selecting the New... button. Enter Purge in the field labeled Action and enter the following text as the Application used to perform action:

C:\winnt\system32\cmd.exe /c cd %1 &C:\ptc\proe2001\bin\purge.bat *

The default path on Windows XP to cmd.exe is c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe.

In 2000 and Xp this causes a double click on a folder to search instead of open so fix it by doing the following:

Start Registry Editor Start>Run type regedit

Locate and then click the Default value under the following keys in the registry if this problem occurs with folders:


If this problem occurs with drives:


Click Modify on the Edit menu.

Type none in the Value data box, and then click OK.

Quit Registry Editor.

Backup your registry!! You will be sorry if you mess it up and don't have a backup.
Thanks Kinetivision,

I did exactly what you proposed and it solved my problem.

One more question; how can we add Jacob's Purge a good alternate of the normal pro/engineer default purge.


as said this was used for win2000 clients as detailed in the earlier reply above.

Nice to know about the search thang on xp clients tho!

for a RMB Recursive search in WIN 2000 explorer,,,,create a batch file as listed below....give it a it in a folder............

echo off


rem change this path to your Pro/E <loadpoint>/bin

rem =======================================

set path=c:\ptc\proewildfire\bin;%path%

rem =======================================

cd /d %1

echo About to recursively purge the following directory:


echo %1




rem purge the originally selected directory

rem =======================================

start /B purge.bat

rem now purge all subdirectories under that one

rem =======================================

for /f delims=[ %%a in ('dir /s /b /ad') do (

cd /d %%a

echo %%a

start /B purge.bat


then do the same as previous, except enter Recursive Purge as the Action

and where it asks to enter application used to perform enter the path to the batch file you just created....
Is that link for the right click Purge must be created only for the file type 'File Folder' and not 'Folder'? Because, before reading this forum topic, I had a vague idea of how to do this from somebody. I wrote a batch file like below-

del *.ger*

del *.crc*

del *.memb*

del *.ers*

del iges_stats.dat*

del *.bde

del *.bdi

del *.bdm

del *.m_p*

del *.bom*

del *.ptd

del *.als

del *.out

del *.pls

del *.tst

del s2d0*.sec*

del *.ref*

del *.info*

del *.shd*

del *.err*

del *.idx*

and I linked it to my right click on the file type 'Folder' (no reason, just did what I was told). It was working and now from this forum I added this line to it-

c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c cd %1 &C:\ptc\proewildfire\bin\purge.bat *

which doesn't seem to work now. That is, it still executes all those DOS 'del' commands but won't purge.

Can some one pls. help me figure what could be wrong?
Not sure what OS you have but maybe try checking the paths.

ie. c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c cd %1 &C:\ptc\proewildfire\bin\purge.bat *

make sure cmd.exe is in the right place, may be in winnt as .
yep.. i screwed up the paths.. not for the cmd.exe but for wildfire\bin. I was a bit overconfident about the path being ptc\proewildfire, I didn't even bother to check it, but actually it is only ptc\wildfire. So, now it works!

Thanks Kvision!
Hello all,
Hope my resurrecting this thread is okay...

I've tried to add purge.bat as right-click functionality as described above, but it's not working... the older file versions are not being deleting. I added the following command syntax in the "Application used to perform action" box:

c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c cd %1 &C:\Program Files\proeWildfire 3.0\bin\purge.bat *

I'm running WF 3.0 on Windows XP.
Any ideas why it might not be working? I'm wondering if the folder location for the purge.bat utility is messing things up (i.e. it's not c:\ptc\bin as usual).

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks dr_gallup for the reply.

Can you suggest how to revise the syntax to handle the spaces?
I've tried enclosing "Program Files" and "proewildfire 3.0" in quotation marks, but it still doesn't work.



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