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purchasing NX


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who is your favorite VAR for UG/NX?? Testing the waters and it seams there is not as many users out there for NX as Pro/E or Solidworks but there seams to be a market out there. Im about to drop some cash for a seat of NX and was looking to get the base + Wave Link

For a training coordinator it's quite a bit more expensive than the other tools ie. proe sw for what you ultimately get.
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I have been using Pro/E for the past several years, and recently had to teach myself UX NX 7.5 for some design work at our parent company in Hunt Valley, MD. Prior to this, I had the impression that UG was similar to CATIA and Pro/E as a high-end parametric software tool, but haved now come to the conclusion that it is more like SW/Inventor. A nice tool, but lacks the robustness of Pro/E.

Additionally, I suspect their custoimer growth is miniscual and that their strategy is to hold onto their entrenched customers and are mostly looking to expand their market with PLM offerings.

With that said, you should be able to find some resellers here.

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