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PTC/User World Event


New member
Is anybody going to the 2005 PTC/User World Event in Florida this June?

I went last year and I must say, what an even! absolutely loved it! and learned a huge amount.. but this year, here's the thing..

Last year the University of Limerick picked up the bill
but this year.. I'm afraid I'm going to have to pay for it myself!

so between the flights (from Ireland about $1000)
, the accommodation ($150 a night for 4 days
before tax and with group discount) the registration ($895
before May18th), a bit of food and of course a few beers another $100-$150
a day.. so that's quite a bit of money! especially to a guy who has the grand sum of about


Like you, I was there at Nashville last year... well worth going to. Also like you, I'm on the righthand side of the atlantic, so costs are a bit more than our US pals... This year I'm not going, since we've just had a new addition to the family, and I ain't going nowhere. However, hope to be there next year.

Last year I was able to convince my boss of the usefulness of the trip, plus I tied in a visit to a couple of our facilities in the states - killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Also - I presented last year (chance to promote the company name) - and won! - so it was well worth it for my company.

Have to say, even if I was self-employed, I'd probably spend the money at least every second year to goto PTC/USER. The team behind it are pretty committed, and a great bunch of people.

This year you've missed the deadline for submitting an abstract to present, but that's a good way to cut some costs, as your conference fee is waived.

If anyone reading this IS going this year, please get in touch, as I'm looking for reporters to carry on the tradition of an unofficialPTC/USER blog like I did last year (see archives here: [url]http://cadmincouk.blogspot.com/2004_06_01_cadmincouk_archive .html[/url])



New member
Ed, thanks for the reply and feedback... just took a look at you presentation there from the Conference CD.. very informative! congrats on the win.. Last year I took the Design & Manufacturing track, but maybe this year I might look at the admin track, or part of it anyway..

I know I missed the call for papers this year, I wouldn't be at a level (yet
) I feel, to be able to submit usefultips to established users.

Anyway, I must completely agree,the team behind PTC/User,are reallya fantastic bunch.

Decisions, decisions, decisions..




New member
I don't think I can do two World conferences in a row. I need a
year between each event. It was fun in Nashville going out
each night but I can't deal with Orlando.

What is the talk for next year about location? I will get a
white paper in early next time. I am in Palo
Alot at the moment and think the next conference should be in San Fran
next time.

James... I think I drank beer with you at the last conference. You looking for a job in the states?


New member
you did indeed! was definitely fun! yeah starting to look for jobs there now at the moment.. not that easy though! I replied to your mail there a few weeks back.. did you get it?

I suppose my biggest problem with getting a Job in the states it citizenship.. I'll have to try and find a company that sponsors people! again not that easy! Know of any?

I got a couple of job offers there last year at the conference, for some reason I thought it was important to finish my masters.. bit of a bummer now tho'!


New member
I'm able to attend every other year. You do learn a lot, and have a pretty good time, too. I was at Nashville last year. We have not quite made it to wildfire yet, so most of the conference would be about software we're not even using. Personally, I wish it were in March or October, when I could use a little escape to a warmer climate, plus I hate to miss 3 or 4 of my kids baseball games being gone.


New member
I could swear in years past (this may have been 3 or 4 years ago)
PTC/USER World Events were also held in Germany and Japan which
(in the case of Germany probably) would reduce travel costs significantly.

But maybe this practice has been abandoned simply due to the amount
of preparation required to put togehterand host an event of this size.

By the way...I'll be in Orlando next month...4th year in a row.
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New member
Yeah I heard that there was a mini conference this year in paris at the end of june.. can remember where I heard it tho'..

Hacks - I may see ya over there for a beer!

jbuckl - cheers for the info - where did you hear that?


New member

Can I suggest that you host a PTC USer Chair in your area. By doing so and helping out at PTC USer you can get a highly discounted rate. Its some work to be a chair but I think its worth it in the end.

One PTC User member told me that they try and get a location that has reasonable flights from most areas, and the hotels haveto be reasonable as well so that the costs can be kept down per person. In the past Boston and NY City was suggested but the cost of the centers would drive the price up crazy even though the flights would be cheap. Same reason that Reno was chosen over Las Vegas, Las Vegas would have been double I was told. I would like Reno Again that was a nice place to have a conference the facilities were good. They love Orlando because of the cheaper flights and the lower hotel costs.
EDS used to have it all the time in California, this year its in Texas I think....
If it was always in Orlando would that sway you from attending every year?


New member
Slashct - Would yo believe I have done just that, or something to that effect anyway, let me explain..

Imet Rick Snider from PTC/User at last years conference and we talkedabout setting up an RUG for Ireland - but then I got thinking about an RUG with a difference - A Student User Group.. (I'm a Masters student) now this will not be a Regional User group as much as a Global User group - I feel the broad network is necessary because of the lack of experience among students. Read the post that is linked to my signature to find out more.. So this year I was lucky enough to avail of those discounts.

Anyway, I put the proposal to Rick and he put me in contact with Ed Stephenson (Director of RUG's at PTC/User) and he seemed to like the Idea and has since set me up as an RUG chair. yo are right that it is a bit of work to get this off the ground but I do feel that it's be worth it..

Are you going yourself?

As for Orlando, I've never been there before, I'm looking forward to it! but As for the cheap fairs, well, I just spent


New member
design-engine said:
Make your layover in Chicago and you will not regret it. Make it for 24 or more hours.

I'm intrigued!

I'll look in to what it will cost to change my flight, I'm scheduled to leave on Thursday the 9th.. can anybody recommend a good airline for internal US flights? I did some quick checking - American Airlines want $600 fora return flight (Florida to Chicago) and still fly home from Florida.. and Airlingus (the airline I'm flying over with) want $1,500 for a one way Chicago to Ireland..

or is it possible to get a train? probably take the bones of a day to travel by train tho'.. not sure if my butt could handle it

I am fairly broke tho.. but I'll definitely look into it!

mganzer said:
Hope to see you there James.


Definitely see you there! I'll buy you a beer!

Have you been there before?
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