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PTC University


New member
Hi all Pro gurus,

Ptc offers university online. it costs $1500 per user per year. i'm thinking about spending my own money for this after the company i work for refused to pitch in. i just want to make sure the money is well spent. Do any of you attending this? if you do please give me some opinion on this. Thank you in advance.


New member
I am currently looking into the PTC University subscription. It sounds great, but haven't had any feed back from anyone yet. My Pro/E rep is looking into getting me a trial subscription. I will update you if/when he gets back with me.


New member
I have two engineers who have been subscriptions to PTC University. Tomorrow I am meeting with them to get their review of the system. My initial informal conversations with them is that it is good, but that the technical aspects of the website and interface need work. I know that they have covered the Mechanica training, the ISDX training, and the Mechanism training. Overall, my gut reaction at this point is that it was worth the $1500 subscription rate. The problem for these guys was trying to complete a course uninterrupted. Going to a class allows you to really focus on the training and get away for daily interrruptions that distract you.


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