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PTC License monitor


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From the Wildfire Customer Letter/Read This First:

Please Note: The ptcmonitor utility is not being distributed with Pro/ENGINEER

Wildfire because GLOBEtrotter Software, Inc. no longer supports the required libraries.

To resolve this issue, PTC has created a forum to share programs written to monitor PTC

licenses. This user
I got this reply from the Product Line Manager:

Fischer, Mark S. <[email protected]>

Sent by: [email protected]

04/28/03 08:32 PM

Please respond to

Fischer, Mark S. <[email protected]>





[pro-user] RE: License Monitor

Hi Ceferino,

My name is Mark Fischer, Product Manager for Licensing and Installation at PTC. I have received numerous emails like yours, expressing the need for a license monitoring tool. As you may be aware of, PTC no longer supports PTCMonitor. In order to still provide you the level of support you may need, we are creating a forum on to share monitoring tools. This location will be in the new User Area, and will be published there within a few weeks. I understand this may not be the best solution for many companies, but I want to assure you PTC is looking into a long term solution to this issue.



However, I searched the net and got inspiration from:

I generated my own script to take snapshots of the ptcstatus result. Then I filtered this ptcstatus report and worte a small application to generates a comma separated variable file which I can use to create the graph similar to that shown on the presetation link. It's semi-auto but it works.
The user areas he says they are setting up at ptc are like ghost towns.

The response time to the isdx or pro concept forums can be measured in weeks at best.

I've put my CAD License Tracker on here:

Click on the Graphical web-based license tracker and try out the demonstration.

Also see the explanation of how it works...

We've used it across 3 sites with lots of users & had good results. It shows you who's using Pro/E, where & when!