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PTC HostID: Cannot detect network card


New member

The topic of this post is the message I get on the first window when I'm trying to install Pro/Mechanica 2001 on XP. But I do have a network card, which according to the Device Manager is 'working properly'. Do I have to be online in order for the installation to generate a host id?

Obviously without the hostid the program will fail to run because of a license error.

Is there a way of finding out your Hostid other than from the window of installation file?

I also have the same problem when trying to install Pro/E 2001. Interestingly, the same message appears on installing Pro/E Student Edition, but the program runs fine!

Any help/advice/mockery would be great!!



Is this a laptop computer?

To manually find your Host-ID, open a DOS prompt and run:

ipconfig /all

Look for the Physical Address entry. It will consist of 6 hexadecimal numbers (like 00-10-83-AF-63-A8). This is also called your MAC address.

-Brian Adkins


New member
To find hostid (address) open a command prompt window and type ipconfig /all. This will list information about your net card.


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Antivirus or firewall software can also cause this problem. I beleive there are settings in the software that will fix the problem.

Good Luck


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Thanks guys, but now, after using the HostID from ipconfig/all and installing I get the message 'Invalid Host'!

What do I do now???



New member

I've solved the problem now! And just for anyone who may have the same problem in the future:

[OS: Win XP]

Windows versions of 2000 and above have a function called 'media sense', which detects whether a network cable is plugged into your network card. Upon running ipconfig/all, I had the hostid come up, but also a line saying 'media disconnected'. Its because of this that I got the message that is the subject of this topic. You need to disable media sense.

Follow the instructions of the link below and you'll solve the problem (Beware: it involves modifying your registry):