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prt to igs


New member
I have been creating assemblies from iges parts using wf 2, I am new to this version, so pro e has been taking the files and converting them to prt files, and when i am done, I have a .asm file. However when I go to convert the assembled product back to an iges for transfer to another system wf 2 shuts down everytime I am trying to save a copy of the assembly as an igs file. I am using the solids feature to convert. Am I just doing something completely wrong? These files are fairly large in size. I am thinking that I dont have something configured right. Any help would be greatly appriciated.



New member
Are you getting a memory error.

Try it again and seehow highyour task manageris going (1.7 gig).

Other than that try .step to convert the files.

When in doubt blame the video card