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Protrude with draft


New member
Lots of cad systems have this simple command but not proe, we do lots of plastic mouldings and for ribs we aim for the complex areas to hide sink marks. In proe you cannot protude with draft so we normally have several protusions to get the end result because drafting the surface normally falls over.
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The only feature in Pro/E that can contain embedded draft is (I think) the offset draft feature... You can offset a surface and draft the sides at the same time.



New member
Iasked forthis ata surafacing tc meeting and was told by a programmer that "this is bad geometry". The draft offset is a great feature but it isnt always what I need.

Iam not sure how its bad, and I mention it at every meeting but it never seems to happen.



New member
I have never had a drafted surface fall over
but will agree, drafted surfaces need revamping in Pro/E. They are one of the most difficult features to work with/repair.
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New member
Only problem with offsets is when they fall over you can never recover them.

Even Microstation had it years ago on their first 3D modeler