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Propagating family table problem - WF1.0


New member
Surprise! I'm having some problems with a family table in WF1.0. What I do to model a flex circuit with stiffeners on it is to define the circuit as a sheetmetal part, the final feature being a suppressed unbend (3300197.prt in the image below). I then create a family table which resumes the unbend for flat parts. Next I create an assembly of the same name that has stiffener parts associated with it. This part has a family table associated with it which swaps out the flat and curvy instances of the flex circuit. I propagate this method all the way up, so the top level assembly has a flat and curvy state as well (in the image below, 3100728.asm has flat and curvy states, defined via family tables).

Here's the problem:

When I define a family table a couple levels up from the root part, the assembly family table actually tried to swap in the part instead of the assembly of the same name; i.e. in the example below, 310729.asm pulls in flattened versions of 3300197.prt, instead of 3300197.asm. This causes all sorts of problems, since the stiffeners disappear with my component placement references. It's interesting to note that Pro/E has decided to assign identical ID numbers to the two parts, which might be indicative of something here...

So... I'm done ranting now. Anyone seen this problem and have a fix?

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