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ProMechanica-selection of curves


New member
Hi there,

I am doing the tutorial in Roger Toogoods ProMechanica book (section 8-21)

I have to select the particular part of asketched. ( i shown the boundaries with two datum points)!View attachment 939 curve in a latice frame. It is shown on the picture below. I need to pick the third element from the left. (I am applying a load to it). How do I do this?! Whenever I select this part, the entire datum cure lights up. He says to use the 'preselection filter'. Please help!!



You need to pick 'one by one'. Pick the curve (left click), the whole curve chain turns red as you've already seen), right click unitl that particular entity highlights (in cyan), then pick (left click)again. It's the selection sequence in Wildfire and it takes a bit of getting used to. Hope this helps.