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Project products data to drawing with cas


New member
Hello everyone.

I create a macro to import data into drawing opened with cached mode. However, uptake will be automatically converted to the view after the design mode when the products are being incorporated into the drawing.
I opened a lot of data in cache mode, if design mode is converted, catia needs a long time to load. (I'm using about 500 Parts)
I have to import Draw with cashe mode...

Anyone please let me know solutions following:

 Is it possible to import data with cashe mode??
(Automatic conversion to do the design mode)
 Dim oDrawGenBhv As DrawingViewGenerativeBehavior
 Dim oDocument as Product 'Target product

 oDrawGenBhv.Document = oDocument
 'Automatically converted to code design mode. . .


Edited by: Yohei
Instead of a macro, try making the drawing based on the cgr version of the product. Change the View Generation Mode from EXACT to CGR.


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