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Project Drawing elements Into Part Design


New member

Is it possible to project drawing geometry into the Part Design environment ?

I'm finding the switch from V4 to V5 very frustrating

A CATIA tutor has informed me that you cannot project 'Drafting' geometry into 'Part Design' in the same way as you could project 2D elements from 'Draw' to 'Space' in V4.

However, you can copy thegeometry from the drawing view and paste it into a Part Design 'Sketch'.

That'll do nicely !
Edited by: ZX81
I think, we could do it firstly by migrating from Sketch/2D Profile to Wireframe and Surface Design Workbench. There will PROJECTION tool that you can use. Then you can project it (2D Profile) into Part Body / Surface that you want.

Finally you move it into Part Design Workbench, and you could make 3D Profile from projection sketch you've made.

Thanks in advance,



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