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New member
Does anyone have any proI/toolkit code that takes all of the drawings in a folder and

creates a workspace for each drawing

imports the drawing

checks in drawing to commonspace

outputs any errors of conflict

deletes the workspace and moves on to the next drawing


That seems like pretty specific code for someone to already have...

However, I am in the business of writing custom Toolkit apps. If you are insterested, please send me an e-mail to rbrunetATadscaDOTcom. Also you can check out our website at

Also, you can download the two FREE apps (Drawing Opener, and ParamFileOpener) that are under the Pro/Essentials portion of this site to see what they are like.

Don't worry, I am not a sales person, so if you want to contact me about info/questions, I can help you out without trying to push anything on you.

Good Luck,



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