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Programatic Fam Table Verify


New member
I need to perform the following steps on all the part files in a directory:


verify family table(so that a .tst file is created)



Does anyone have any pro/toolkit(for pro/e 2001) code that does this or does something close to it?


What are you trying to do with the data?

It would be easier to extract it from the Family Table to the format you wanted.

I'm trying to get a list of all the family table instances for all of the parts in a directory so that I can determine any conflict before moving them to intralink. For example a conflict might be where two parts have the same instance name or a part has an instance that also exists as a generic, etc.


I've done this before using a Trail file. I also updated the instance tables for every part (as part of the trail file). This gave me the directory_name.idx file containing all of the family table instances.

To get the complete trail file, I used a UNIX shell script to take a list of parts and create the needed trail file. If your not using UNIX, I'm not sure what you would use to create your final huge trail file.


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