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Proengineer/Intralink8.0 to Solidworks fi


New member
I know I asked this question about a year ago, but I will open it again.

We are in the process of moving away from Intalink 8.0 and Wildfire 3.0 to Solidworks 2011. I need to export or move about 7000 files out of the intralink database. Has anyone looked at this, tried this or have any idea's about it. I know I can pull up files in Proengieer and save as a zip file to the local drive, but that is a slow and exspensive process.

I am a long time ProEngineer user, way back when you had to use command lines an run on a dedicated workstation, so I don't want to turn this into PTC bashing. I have built a good career around working with PTC products but as with everything in life things change.