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proengineer 2001 problem


New member
hello friends,

i have installed proengineer 2001 on my computer but.it is running on color 256. when i am changing to 32 bit true color it is not running. on 256 color everything is black. Please guide me how to solve this problem.


Failed to initialize communications. Some features are disabled.
Exception - code was -1073741819.


when setting to 32bit color, first try setting in your conifg.pro the setting

graphics win32_gdi

you're video card may not support opengl in 32bit mode. what is your video card?


New member
Hai Friends

I have been working in pro/E 2001 when I work with single window the performance is good but if I open two windows THe model rotated is not able to be visualised as it stand still after taking the middle button out it comes to rotated condition ,..........I am facing only in 2001 not in wildfire...Please sugggest me what to da

I have Video card of 128 MB NVIDIA with best configurations

THanks in advance for your suggestion

which make of nvidia? Quadro, Geforce FX, or Geforce MX?

If you have the Geforce MX, you're in trouble.

You will notice a performance decrease if you open many windows. You
may want to go through the PTC Knowledge base as I think they have
covered this issue.