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ProE2001 with wf2.0 licence


New member
After installing the new flexlm and new Wf2.0 license, I unable to use the ProE extension functions like Pro/NC and tool design option.

Any ideas?
I have solved the problem by running Ptc Setup from Start/Run with a command as : bin\ptcsetup.bat -simplify proe .

Then go through Commands and configure commands tab by next next. Add a new command and choose no ConfigID from license Scheme.

By this way you can select extensions and floating options.

good luck.
Thank you, Usta, I had this problem too.

I knew the command ptcsetup.bat -simplify proe, and I did get the header to specify if you want a setup with Cong ID or No Config ID. But... it was grayed out!
But with deleting the existing startup command and defining them again, I succeeded.