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Proe won't let me draft surface


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If anyone can help on this one.

I tried to draft this surface without any luck. according to proe it says that the surface collection contains surfaces that can't not be drafted may be because is a curved surface, that has to do anything? is there any ways around?

the surface is the one the right where the 4 cutouts are

View attachment 140


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Its hard to tell exactly which surface you're reffering to but if it is the one I think it is, the edges of that surface are rounded. Try drafting before putting rounds on.


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Can you post another image indicating the surface you want to draft ?

Yes, a curved surface can't be drafted. I generally create the draft by using a variable section sweep (making either a cut or a surface). Use the pivot dir option and sketch the draft angle.

Is this enough information or do you need more detail?



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Didi you try doing what airion was mentioning about putting the rounds after the draft

If you could roll back the model to the point of when the sides were created you might have an easier time to create the draft. Typically you want to have all rounds after the draft but also make sure of your neutral plane surf or edge you're using.



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Drafts before rounds is correct. The surface you are referring to, must be one of the first features of the part. I would suggest feature 6, after your datam planes (features 1-3) and your CSO (feature 4). Feature 5, would be, of course your protrusion (revolved). Even if it was a straight protrusion to begin with, the draft would be feature 6.

Sometimes certain geometry is impossible. Utilize the Failed Geometry option of a failed feature to see what might have gone wrong. Most of the time, it will diagnose and tell you what is wrong.

Seldom and I mean seldom, do you put rounds before draft.