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ProE Wilfire V1.0 to ANSYS V9.0


New member
Hi everyone,

I have trouble import part from ProE WF V1.0 into ANSYS 9.0 forCFD analysis and received an error of "PlugIn Error: Unable to start CAD system." I don't know whether Proe WF V1.0 has a "PlugIn" function or not. If so, could tell me where and I'll look for it. Thank you in advance and you have a great day.



I'm sure the plugin is part of Ansys. You probably have to configure it properly to start your Pro/E. It is going to use up a license so make sure you have one available. If your Pro/E is node locked to your workstation you will have to exit Pro/E before you import the part.


New member
You're using ANSYS Workbench, aren't you?

If so it is better to start ANSYS form Pro/E. You'll have to register an ANSYSauxiliary application in Pro/E. The "protk.dat" file is located somewhere in the ANSYS installation directory, just search for it.

This way I know for sure the plug-in will work properly,



New member
Thank you for your response. If license is an issue, can how I configure this matter? I am new to this configuration situation. Please provide steps of this procedure. Ihad tried importproe part file from a disk into ANSYS environment for CFD analysis. The system prompted an error of "PlugIn Error: Unable to start CAD system." ProE WF V1.0is not runningduring the importing process. I thank you for your assistance.




New member

The info bellow is from the ANSYS website. It refers to version 8, but should be valid for version 9 as well.

Good luck,


#287993 - ProE plug in not recognized and WBE is not an option in the Pro/E menu

ANSYS Workbench Environment


**** Entered By: dbrooks @ Wednesday, December 31, 2003 4:29:39 PM ****

Q: User has installed ANSYS 8.0 and cannot get it to transfer geometry to WB.
The ANSYS workbench option does not appear in the top menu of ProWildfire.

A: Manually load the plugin, as follows:

Utilities-> Auxillary Applications
Browse to our dat file (equivalent of default C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v81\AISOL\CAD integration\ProE\text\Pro2001PlugIn.dat).
Select that from the list and hit start.