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Proe wildfire Student edition shuts down....


New member
I've been using pro/engineer since the release of 2000i. Just when I started to like wildfire, it started bugging on me. today alone it shut down like ten times both in sketcher and out of it, especially when my design guets complicated. I have a pentium 2.5 Ghz with 1.5 gigs of RAM and a 64 Meg video card. I switched from 32 to 16 bit display and still nothing changed.

I mean if the student edition which costs around $200 has so many bugs how about the one that costs $4000 and has the same bugs. this is inadmissible....

Any suggestions are welcomed.
Skether is not usually intended to have anything really complicated created within it anyhow. If your sketch for a profile of the features your creating is getting too involved, then you might want to re-evaluate how your creating features. Sometimes it causes sudden exists otherwise. Another thing to look at is PTC's website for de-certified or un-supported graphics cards. Even though you have 64mb card, the hardware may not be supported for wildfire. Also have you checked the 'timeout' error, your release may be out of date since PTC's changes. I have XEON processor and about the same hardware numbers as you and i very rarely exit from my work. ($4000 version, also) Good Luck!
Thanks for your reply gcook.....

I already went through there website, videocards, updates, time out error and so on. Wildfire is truely a step forward but still needs a lot of work. I mean other than crashing, I can list 10 things that already happened which never happened or rarely happened with the other versions of proe. No matter how complicated your design is, as long as you are still working in the part mode and your geometry is clean, crashing more than ten times is unecceptable. Not all companies are equipped with top of the line hardware and still it is crashing on some of them. I have a friend who works at baxter Healthcare who is having the same problems as I am having with the student version.If I needed to draw a bolt and a washer using proe I would have switched a long time ago to Solidwork if you know what I mean...Anyway thanks, I was just irritated when I posted this message cause I lost my work..
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I understand your frustration. I no longer work for JourneyEd but I did manage their tech support for a few years so I had <B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">quite [/B]a bit of experience troubleshooting this beast. You must understand that WF is considerably more demanding of your graphic card than any previous version of Pro/E. This is primarily because of the enhanced interface, the way geometry is shaded,etc
Hey aanderson,

I thought maybe since you worked forJourneyEDs tech support, you might be able to answer my question. I bought the Student Version of Wildfire and was issued a license via email. The software worked fine until April of 2004, at which time it expired due to a datecode bug or something like that. I found something on the website which said that all registered users would recieve a new CD in the mail. I never recieved this CD so I called them (JourneyED?) and they told me to take the CD back to the bookstore where I purchased it. The bookstore told me I was SOL, and now I'm stuck with a $200 drink coaster, and $110 worth of Pro/E books.

Any suggestions?

Thank You, Tim L.