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proe wf2.0 to Mastercam???


New member

I need to know the file extension/type of file I need to save my Proe model in so it works with mastercam. I don't know the mastercam version the contracting company uses.

Thank you



I would recommend the following:

  1. <LI>Send the native Pro/E file (if they have thePro/E translator, and you are o.k. with sending it).</LI>
    <LI>Send STEP (if they have purchased the STEP translator).</LI>
    <LI>Send ACIS (they can read ACIS format by default in Mastercam, no extra translator is needed).</LI>
    <LI>Send IGES, again, no extra translator needed. It usually isn't too hard to convert it to a solid in Mastercam if they want a solid model to program off of. Many people just program right from the surface model, so IGES is o.k. to send as well.</LI>

If you cannot find out any information from themon what theyprefer, send IGES and let them figure it out for themselves.



New member
thanks a lot for the info...I am having a meeting with them on Monday and I requested to meet with the person that actually runs the software...Hopefully will be able to find a common ground.

Thanks Again, I really appreciate it..



New member
I use step with the shell option for our tool shop and it seems to work the best. I find that you have to watch out for variable rads because step sometimes makes them conical.

I sometimes export the problem rad separately and let the tool shop add them back in. *you have to remember to export both in tool position though

As far as specific step settings I think the only difference is layer settings and header info in ap214 as opposed to ap203.

There are config settings for either:

step_export_format ap214_cd or

step_export_format ap203_cd

I think was skuld that told me this originally but I cant remember exactly.