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ProE Starts as Stand-Alone, but not from ProI/AppMgr


New member
We are running ProE 200i2 V2000370 and ProI V2000270 (and AppMgr).

I have 3 users with these installed locally, getting their license from FlexLM (10 available).

One user between Friday 1/31 and yesterday 2/3 has come up with the following problem:

If we start proE as stand-alone (from the proE icon) - it takes a little than longer usual to start up - but it does so and seems to work AOK.

If we start proI, then try to start ProE from the AppMgr selector (with an existing workspace or a new one or without one, or from commonspace) - I can see xtop.exe in task manager running for about 1 1/2 minutes - then it just goes away with no sign of ProE.

The other 2 users are working fine as usual.

I completely uninstalled proe/i/appmgr, rebooted and re-installed - but have the same issue.

I'm getting Trail files when ProE runs stand alone - but I'm not finding any that correlate to trying to run it via ProI/appmgr.

I aslo uninstalled KaZaa and WebShots (I know, I know - that's been taken care of) before the re-install.

I don't know that much about ProE/I - so I've been doing internet searches looking for clues.

Any thoughts from anyone here as to what might have gone wrong?

Any ideas where to look? i.e. other logs, etc? SHOULD I be seeing a Trail file when ProE is started from AppMgr?

Other random info I checked:

P3-733, 512, 20gb free space, pagefile unfragmented, drive has minor fragmentation, NIC id sending clean packets (0 errors, 0 loss).

Thanks for your thoughts (and sorry this is so long).