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ProE Design Animation Option


New member
I am new to ProE DAO. I have been doing animations in ProductView for the past year with great results. I just received a 60 day eval copy to see if it has anything we might be of interest. I have some questions and I can't find any answers. Please help!!!

1. Does DAO only save the the completed animation out to a mpeg? Does it not store in ILink or the Model Tree? It sounds dumb, but I am curious.

2. Do they offer a class for DAO?

3. What, where & how is everyone using this software for?

4. What are some other options besides ProductView Realizer?

Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.


[email protected]
respected sir,

i have completed my b.e in mech. on 2001.i am also new for this field. i need some help to study this dao.already i known part,assy, i wnnt to learn analysis,dao.

any body can sent that material to me?

thanking you.

my id:[email protected]


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