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proe bom to mapics


New member
Does any one use the proe bom and excel capability to transfer information into their mapics system? Can anything like that be done?


I've never heard of using excel to migrate BOM information from Pro/ENGINEER to an MRP/ERP system. If companies are going to the trouble to automate the BOM entry process, they go all the way and try to remove any human intervention.

Pro/ENGINEER can export a text file of the BOM in any desired format.

Mapics would have to listen to a directory for incoming BOM text files. Once it discovers a file, it must read it, parse it, and enter it. The format of the text BOM is customizable in Pro/ENGINEER.

Are you running Pro/INTRALINK? If so, a trigger can be created that generates a text file of the BOM from Pro/ENGINEER and places it in a pre-determined directory. This trigger is usually activated based on a specified event like releasing a product to production.

You don't have to run Pro/INTRALINK! You can manually export the BOM from Pro/ENGINEER to the desired location.

Hope this explination helps.


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