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ProE 2001 build recommendations


New member
I'm looking to upgrade from 2000i2 to 2001 and was wondering if there are any opinions regarding the current builds, specifically 2002060, 2002100, and 2002140. Thanks for any insight.

I have been using 2002140 since January or so and except for a couple of unexplained lockups (Pro/E norm) I haven't had any real problems.
If you use Intralink stay away from those builds like the plague unless you want to deal with the ghost issues.

Either go with 2001440 or wait for 20021280 which is supposed to fix this.
I trudge through each build as soon as it is released and beat it to death in as many modules as I can. As far as standard Pro/E goes 2002140 is good, there are many issues with 2001440 and up until 2002140 due to the inclusion of the basic surfacing package. There are many dialog box and redefine issues. I am not currently using Intralink but have seen ghosting and it is annoying, so if it occurs frequently you may want to wait. You may also want to check out the build compatibility of I-link and Pro/E since it may be a problem that is fixed but you have to upgrade to a newer I-link.



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